The Race Is Not Over!

                                    BY: Allie Albea


A Slow Start

            So far 2020 has not been kind to the people of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  The Coronavirus hit hard.  Stores closed along with schools and businesses.  Just a few weeks ago the college students of the University of Alabama returned hoping for a better start compared to the ending.  Unfortunately, that was not the case.  It began when the University partnered with a company to test the college students.  The company sent the test to the college students’ homes and asked for them to stick, what looks like a long cotton swab, up their noses.  First of all, the students are not trained for this test and secondly, they might have faked it.  Once UA figured it out, they switched to a different company.  The next problem came with way too many positive cases that the University of Alabama did not want public.  Now UA as over 1,000 cases of Coronavirus and has had to close another dorm for students to quarantine in.  If you become positive when you are at UA, the administration takes good care of you.  You are moved to a quarantine dorm, food is brought to you, and someone comes buy to make sure that you are doing fine.  The mayor, Walt Maddox, has decided that for now all the bars will be closed.  Governor Kay Ivey released a statement about the matter: “As our students adjust to being back on campus, Tuscaloosa leaders and university officials are focused on helping to ensure their health and safety. They have made tough decisions, and I appreciate Mayor Walt Maddox and The University of Alabama leadership for tackling a serious problem as quickly as possible. If we do not act expeditiously, it leaves the potential for a situation to get out of hand, which would require even tougher, longer-lasting decisions to be enacted. My hope is that this will be just a brief pause on their plans to reopen and that we can get this in our rearview mirror sooner, rather than later. Clearly, it takes everyone working together to keep Alabama moving in the right direction.”   The citizens of Tuscaloosa are hoping that this big mess does not get any bigger.


Where Do We Go Next?


            The town of Tuscaloosa is definitely a college town because Tuscaloosa is home to one of the best and well-known college football teams, the home of the Crimson Tide.  Right now, a lot of people are worried about the football because during the summer some football players tested positive for the virus, and I do not know what would happen to this town if it lost football.  So far everything is under partial control, schools have been open for about two weeks, restaurants are finally getting back to normal, but what really is normal?  Well normal was going out and eating with your friends, talking, hugging, and just having fun.  Now normal is talking to your friends over the phone, at least six feet part when you see them, and definitely no hugging.  The biggest change is always having to wear a mask.  If you work nine hours a day, and you are already tired, now you are wearing a mask that makes you hot, sweaty, and fogs up your glasses.  The town of Tuscaloosa has come a long way, but the race is not over.

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